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PORT ANGELES CITY COUNCIL MEETING—August 6, 2019 <br /> PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> Council Member Moran led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. <br /> PUBLIC COMMENT <br /> Suzanne Debey.residing outside city limits,spoke about the importance of compassion and how she used compassion <br /> in her career as a high school teacher. She recommended Council adopt the Compassion Charter. <br /> Susan Hillgren,residing outside city limits,spoke about homeless numbers in the City and asked for porta-potties and <br /> garbage cans. <br /> LATE ITEMS TO BE PLACED ON THIS OR FUTURE AGENDAS as determined by City Manager <br /> or Councibnentber-None. <br /> CONSENT AGENDA <br /> It was moved by Dexter and seconded by French to approve the Consent Agenda to include: <br /> 1.City Council Minutes of July 16,2019/Approve Minutes <br /> 2. Expenditure Report:From July 6,2019 and July 26,2019 in the amount of 53.-155.592.1 1 .4pprore Report <br /> 3. 2019 Landfill Beach Nourishment Project—CON-2019-28/Approve and authorize the Circ Manager to <br /> award and sign a construction contract with 2 Grade LLCfor the 2019 Landfill Beach Nourishment Project <br /> CON-2019-28,for a contract amount of$34,911.18 including applicable taxes. <br /> 4. 10th Street Reconstruction.Project No.TR1100—Final Acceptance/Accept the 10th Street Reconstruction <br /> Project No. TR1100 as complete, authorize staff to proceed with project closeout, and release the retainage <br /> bond upon receipt of all required clearances. <br /> 5. Maintenance Contract Renewal for City Emergency Generators/Approve and authorize the City Manager to <br /> sign a contract with Legac r Power,for the 2019 Emergency Generator Maintenance and Load Test, in the <br /> amount ofS55,235.69, including applicable taxes and to make minor modifications to the contract if <br /> necessary. <br /> 6. Wastewater Utility Updates to the Municipal Code/Conduct First Reading and Continue to August 20 <br /> Motion carried 7-0. <br /> ORDINANCES NOT REQUIRING COUNCIL PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> 1. For-Hire Licensing Code <br /> City .Attorney Bill Bloor spoke about the development of the For-Hire Licensing Code and noted changes that had <br /> been made since the Council last saw the proposed ordinance. He shared the new code simplified what had been in <br /> place. He stated background checks are still required in the proposed code and shared the rules would apply the same <br /> to taxis and to transportation network companies. Attorney Bloor reminded Council the ordinance was on the agenda <br /> for a first reading and that at the next meeting,staff would share the final definition of"certified mechanic"as it will <br /> be identified in the proposed ordinance. Council discussion followed. <br /> Mayor Bruch conducted a first reading of the ordinance by title,entitled, <br /> ORDINANCE NO. <br /> AN ORDINANCE of the City of Port Angeles,Washington amending provisions of the Port Angeles Municipal Code <br /> relating to the licensing of For-Hire Vehicles. <br /> The Mayor continued the matter to the August 20 meeting. <br /> 2. 2019 Budget Amendment#2 <br /> Finance Director Sarina Carrizosa spoke about the agenda item and identified changes. She said the amendment <br /> includes cost of living changes as a result of bargaining group contract settlements as well as reductions to the <br /> Firemen's Pension fund due to changes required by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. She stated <br /> medical premiums would be moved into the General Fund for reporting. She recommended Council conduct a first <br /> reading and continue the matter to the August 20 meeting.Council discussion followed. <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />